CCCL – Novel Description

穿越之众夫追爱 Crossing the Crowd to Chase Love

More Accurate Title: Transmigrated, Her Many Husbands Seeking Love

Author: 冷卉 Leng Hui

*** This novel is R18. ***


In a male-dominated society where females comprise a tiny minority of the population, a national law was passed, stipulating all females must marry at least 5 males and birth at least 2 children to each husband. This was done to increase the population size and to allow males the right to marry.

Fortunately, the chance of having twins or other such multiple births is high, otherwise females would be worried to death.

Males hold the authority in politics and the military, but domestic affairs are handled by females.

No matter if a male is able to call the wind and summon the rain1 or is the emperor, in front of the wife, they must all obediently listen.

The day she crossed over, there was already a legitimate husband, one secondary husband, and two untitled concubines …Heavens, this is a little too chaotic.

Tags: Transmigration, Common Lifestyle, Use of Modern Knowledge (“Farming Text”)

Protagonists: Ruan Zhu, Yun Shi Yi, Yun Shi Wei | Supporting Characters: Lu Piao Xiang, Xuanyuang Min Zhi | Others:

1 Basically to have a high reputation/status

2 thoughts on “CCCL – Novel Description

  1. Is this a business farming?! If one were to take out the SNU SNU(love the SNU SNU btw🤤), it looks to be a business farming genre. Hard to tell being the novel just started.


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