CCCL – Chapter 70

☆ Chapter 70

Yun Shi Wei’s right hand was around his wife; his left played with her full breasts while his crow-black eyes were full of infatuation. He only responded after a good while: “After returning to Lan Zhou, Eldest Brother took care of the matters of business while helping Maternal Uncle open shops and I followed him in both ventures to gain experience. Uncle’s shops are numerous–there are some based on jewels and precious stones; on silk; on porcelain; on restaurants; and there’s also two pawn shops. Eldest Brother has many acquaintances in Lan Zhou and has a wide network. Many things require him to personally run them. He’s so busy, his feet often don’t touch the ground and he is unable to sleep at night. However, he has always thought of you and not long after, bought a large seven courtyard compound on the banks of the Lan River that, after going through renovations, is even more beautiful than when it was first constructed. It’s only waiting for you to move in. It wasn’t until last month when the majority of the work was put in order that I was sent to the capital to bring you and Zhi Xi back to our old home, saying to take advantage of the weather still being warm to hurry and go as going on a journey when it’s cold is more difficult.”

Ruan Zhu’s eyes were covered up by a layer of fog. Her waist tightened–it was Xuanyuan Zong Zhi who had hugged her from the back. Slighting turning her head, she caught sight of his eyes that were brimming with concern.

She inwardly sighed. To be the wife of three men and not leaning in any direction was rather difficult. But now that she was currently pregnant, she was afraid that if she wanted to return, it would have to wait until the first month of the next year when the child had been born.

“Spouse, do you still remember that thing?” Yun Shi Wei smiled triumphantly and sat up excitedly from the bed as he picked up Ruan Zhu with a lift of his arms and placed her in his lap.

“Remember what?”

“When we were at the southern border and you wanted Eldest Brother to stockpile food. After that, Eldest Brother wrote a letter home. The letter was sent back to the Yun family manor and Father and Mother attached special importance to it. The silver wasn’t enough so they borrowed a large sum from a relative and spent a good amount to buy foodstuffs so that the warehouses at home were all bursting. They also rented a few more storehouses and filled those completely. When we were returning to Lan Zhou from the capital, it happened to coincide with the most critical period of the famine. The monsoons continued without stopping and farmlands in many places flooded. Because of the previous year’s drought, the harvest also was not good and the commoners long had nothing to eat, and more and more refugees fled to Lan Zhou. Prices rose several times and the price of grain soared even more without restraint. Complaints were openly voiced and many commoners reached the point where they were forced to eat tree bark. At this time, Eldest Brother came out under the Yun family name to stabilize the market and sold the grain at a price that was higher than when it was originally bought. Not only did we profit well, the loan was paid back in full, and he also gained a good reputation.”

There was no news that could be better than this. Ruan Zhu remained silent as she smiled, full of joy, and listened attentively.

In the midst of his jealousy, Xuanyuan Zong Zhi was pleased. He was both jealous of the attention and emotion she gave Yun Shi Yi, but seeing her happy, his heart felt gratified. At this moment, he did not want to disturb her. Draping a cloak over himself, he stepped to the outer courtyard, instructed servants to prepare bath water, and then grabbed a book and sat in front of the window, from time to time glancing at the figures inside.

“Spouse, you don’t know this, but in Lan Zhou, as long as you mention Yun Shi Yi, there is not one person who does not know him. They all say he has the heart of Buddha and is their great hero of salvation. Even those government officials are polite and respectful when they see Eldest Brother.”

On the contrary, when Ruan Zhu heard this, she was not too happy. When things reach an extreme, they can only move in the opposite direction–with so many eyes looking at him, showing off too much was not a good thing, right?

But everything had two sides. Since Yun Shi Yi was now an influential person among the commoners, if government officials wanted to move against him, they would still have to first consider how the general public would react. No matter what type of business one was in, if one lost the popular sentiment, then one’s good road would not be long.

“Before Eldest Brother appeared to stabilize the market, there were multiple local grain merchants who imported grains at high prices from elsewhere just waiting to make a large profit. But as soon as Eldest Brother moved, he caused them to lose all of their savings and have no return on their plans. The foodstuffs in their hands could not be sold, and one also doesn’t know which wind it was that blew information over, saying the imperial court was transporting over large quantities of grain to Lan Zhou.” Yun Shi Wei foolishly chuckled heh heh and forcefully planted a kiss on his wife’s face: “To be honest, that was false. The rumor of the carriages transporting grain were rumors that Eldest Brother had circulated. What each of the multiple carriages that were heading towards the city carried was not food–they were bags and bags of sand. But those big grain merchants lost their heads in panic and because they were afraid that the foodstuffs in their possession would become moldy after such a long time, could only sell them at market value. Yet at this time, Eldest Brother pushed the price of grain down even further and the big grain merchants could only clench their teeth and swallow their blood and use that same price to sell their grain. Then, Eldest Brother invested and bought all of their supply and then resold them at appropriate prices. When the merchants had understood what happened, it was all too late.”

Ruan Zhu happily laughed, but couldn’t help but to be a little worried: “Those men definitely hate Eldest Brother to death.”

Indifference was all over Yun Shi Wei’s face: “Those grain merchants of ill-conscience have suffered tremendous losses. In addition, there were also some merchants that had borrowed money from relatives to buy their stock. Selling off their grains at a low price wasn’t enough to pay back the debt, and they have become so poor they had to sell their homes and land and eat watery gruel. They actually want to retaliate against Eldest Brother but they do not have the ability. But this isn’t considered over…..”

“Not considered over?” Ruan Zhu’s bright eyes were like water, exposing her interest: “What else is there?”

“There are still a few large grain merchants whose family’s capital is still sound even though they had compensated quite a bit. But even a camel that’s starving is bigger than a horse, and their circumstances aren’t considered bad. Lacking in morality, they actually commissioned assassins……”

“Commissioned assassins?” Ruan Zhu involuntarily cried out and both her hands grabbed Yun Shi Wei’s arm: “How is Eldest Cousin; has something happened?!”

The heart of Xuanyuan Zong Zhi, who was in the outer room, tightened. He first considered whether his wife would be upset; he only wanted her to be happy. Since she cared that much for Yun Shi Yi, that man must live. It would just the same as when he had sent people to Nan Ling through Tu Bo to escort him back to Yu Zhou.

“Spouse, don’t be frightened, nothing will happen to Eldest Brother.” Yun Shi Wei’s thoughts were simple. He loved Ruan Zhu and it was a love that was with his entire heart and soul, no matter who it was that was in her thoughts. Even if her heart did not have him, it didn’t matter. It was enough as long as he loved her. “People with good intentions have helped out financially. Someone has betrayed Eldest Brother and it isn’t just one. After Eldest Brother found out, he made preparations and the grain merchants did not obtain even the slightest advantage. Contrary to expectations, the assassins came and easily made themselves targets. There’s no need for me to say how satisfying that was.”

Ruan Zhu released her breath. After being so worried, her mind was a mess. With Yun Shi Yi’s thoughts and methods, how could he have been at a disadvantage and suffered a loss?

“Not long after, Eldest Brother had completely investigated all of the horrible things the big grain merchants, who had bought the assassins, had done, and let the families of the victims bring the case to the yamen. Eldest Brother once again played a role in the middle and the verdict was that all the bad people were punished according to the law without any exceptions.” Speaking to here, Yun Shi Wei guffawed again, his entire face brimming with pride and worship towards Yun Shi Yi.

Yet Ruan Zhu could no longer laugh. Her Lord Husband unexpectedly had such skill; she was both rueful and proud of him.

Zhi Xi, her child’s father was actually that outstanding.

The eyes of Xuanyuan Zong Zhi in the outer room were firm. He must become the most outstanding man in the country of Tian Chuso that his wife would feel the same amount of pride towards him.

“Spouse, I have been helping Eldest Brother and have met all sorts of people, experienced all kinds of things, and understand many principles. I won’t be like before, always making you angry.”

“You sometimes really do make me angry, so angry that I want to hit you.” Ruan Zhu used her hand to point at his chest, and then burst out laughing, her bright eyes watching him. Yun Shi Wei was precisely this kind of simple person without that many fancy and complicated thoughts. Perhaps, that was precisely one of the qualities that attracted her!

Yun Shi Wei chuckled and lowered his head to kiss her. Coming into contact with her soft and sweet small tongue, the sensation that transmitted over immediately made him crazy. He couldn’t help but to deepen the kiss, one hand supporting her back while one hand wandered around her chest, going wherever he pleased, the tips of his fingers feeling as if they were on fire.

His hand continued to move further down, and the place at her chest was sucked into his mouth. After he sucked for a while, he flicked his eyes upwards: “Why is there no milk?”

Milk. How could these men be of the same conduct?

“It has long stopped.” Ruan Zhu’s face was full of black lines but immediately became engrossed under his teasing.

He laid her flat on the bed and lifted up her two legs, then lowered his head, placing a kiss on a woman’s most sensitive area……

“Second Cousin!” Her body felt as if an electric current was running through it–unspeakably difficult to bear yet also unspeakably pleasurable. Both her hands gripped the bed sheets and all of her attention was on the man that was kissing her body. She didn’t even notice that another man had walked inside the bedroom until that man had climbed atop the bed and buried his head in her chest. She then finally saw that it was the Xuanyuan Zong Zhi that had just left the room.

“Big Brother Lu……” She bit her lip, squeezing three words between her teeth. Her hands moved and gripped his energetic little brother at his crotch.

“Wife, you’re aroused. This husband will make you even more comfortable.”

“You are too. Here is so large.” Her small hand slightly tightened. He sucked in a breath but became even more unable to resist, a fire seemingly ignited in his body. His mouth became even more enthusiastic in its actions and his other hand grabbed onto the other peak and continuously teased it.

“Nnnahh!” The kisses at her secret place suddenly sped up. Both her legs tightened and pressed against the neck in the middle. The moist and hot sensation intensely stimulating and that soft tongue was still continuously licking back and forth. One finger entered her body, gently sliding in between her petals. Wherever it went, shivers soon followed.

“Second Cousin……Big Brother Lu……” Delicate moans continuously spilled out of her mouth.

The man that was kissing her chest abruptly increased his strength and bit a bud, gently pulling it. At the same time, the hand that was currently pinching her other bead also increased its force. The man underneath her inserted another finger and used both of them to draw a circle inside her; he forcefully hooked and firmly prodded……

“Ahhhhh!……” She screamed, her brain a piece of white. A gigantic current passed to the nerves in her legs and her feet couldn’t help but to repeatedly kick against the back of the man underneath her. Her entire body experienced unspeakable pleasure and she had completely flown into the Heavens.

Yun Shi Wei lifted up his head from her crotch and looked at her with eyes brimming with love: “Spouse, I have previously done a lot of wrong things, making you suffer multiple times. I vow that I will make you happy in the future.”

Ruan Zhu was still in the aftermath of the pleasure, and her body was still twitching from the climax. It was a good while before she recovered yet her entire body was relaxed and peaceful and light. She sat up and used a handkerchief to wipe the thing that could be classified as the proof of her arousal from his face. She moved closer for a deep kiss and then turned her head to also kiss Xuanyuan Zong Zhi.

“Second Cousin, actually, you can use your body to do it. You just have to be a little gentler and lighter, that’s all.”

“Spouse, I won’t do that thing while you are pregnant. I don’t want to hurt you.” Yun Shi Wei stubbornly shook his head. His two eyes remained full of desire, but he refuse to pay attention to the little brother that was standing at attention at his crotch.

Ah, this idiot! Ruan Zhu unconsciously smiled.

“Lie down.” She pushed him onto the bed and crawled over to straddle his waist. Aiming for his large member, she lowered her body and then slowly moved up and down.

“Ohhh……Spouse, you will become tired like this. Let me be on top.”

Ruan Zhu did not respond. The place where they were inseparably linked caused her entire body to tingle.

“Wife, this husband has come to help you.” Xuanyuan Zong Zhi was worried she would overexert and injure herself. Holding her in his embrace, both of his hands exerted force and helped her move. Seeing that fascinating small red mouth open that was utterly alluring, he lowered his head for a kiss.

Her hand traveled down. Reaching his thing that had swelled to an outrageous degree, she suggested to change positions.

He let go of her. Spreading open his two legs, she knelt down between them and leaned over to kiss him with her mouth. Her white derriere were raised high, presenting themselves to the Yun Shi Wei behind.

Immense passion simultaneously tormented and relieved the three individuals. The roars of the men accompanied the screams of the woman as they all flew together towards the pinnacle of happiness and arousal.

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