CCCL – Chapter 86

☆ Chapter 86

“Why did you think of wanting to go to the battlefield?” Ruan Zhu raised her shocked eyes at him and pushed him towards a chair: “Second Cousin, sit down and say it properly.”

Yun Shi Wei pulled her into his lap and numbly said: “In our Yun clan, Eldest Brother is a merchant and I am also a worthless warrior. I can’t let others look down on us; I want everyone to know that those of the Yun clan are not worse than imperial princes.”

Ruan Zhu was a little worried and also a little reluctant: “But heading to the battlefield will be very dangerous.”

Yun Shi Wei shook his head: “I will be careful. For the Yun clan, I must go to the battlefield. Spouse, you don’t understand; all men aspire to travel far and make their mark.”

Ruan Zhu was silent for a moment before she nodded: “Are you taking the soldiers you have trained?”

“Of course they’re coming. They are my good brothers and I have listened to your words and trained them into a special sort of army to carry out all kinds of military campaigns such as fighting in water, the forest, the desert; defensive combat; ambushes……I invited several highly trained specialists to teach them rich practical experience and extreme patriotism. Each one of them has an explosive bag and will not hesitate to set it off if they are thwarted in combat. Spouse, you have taught me so much so I want to use the battlefield to show everyone that the men of the Yun clan are all good.”

Studying for practical applications! Ruan Zhu thought of this phrase. In the end, was teaching him so many things good or bad? “You are a lower fifth-rank guerrilla general so wanting to enter the battlefield is a small matter and can be done if Zong Zhi speaks to the Prime Minister.”

“Spouse, stay with me these next few days.” Yun Shi Wei lowered his head to kiss his wife while removing both of their clothes. A large palm swept across her soft skin, raising ** and bringing a trace of numbness that endlessly lingered within the two people. After they had kissed for a while, his mouth moved down and took one of her red buds, his two lips incessantly sucking as he drank the milk inside.

Ruan Zhu had been teased until her face was flushed and delicate moans trailed out from between her lips: “Second Cousin, stop sucking……hurry……give me……”

Yun Shi Wei stretched a hand underneath her and rubbed: “Spouse, you’re drenched.”

“Nn……quickly……” Unable to bear it any longer, her hips twisted as she sought his hand for comfort.

Yun Shi Wei’s finger stroked her for a while and he saw her cheeks became fiery red while her eyes were so hazy that it seemed water could drip out at any moment. He removed his finger and positioned his burning member that was already unbearably stiff against her moist petals; finding that small opening that he so desired to enter, he pushed inside. Waves of pleasure crashed down……

Both parties simultaneously cried out: “Ahh!”

Even though his wife was the mother of three children, she was still unimaginably narrow. This kind of tightness gave him a pleasure that was close to death. Every time they made love, it was like this and it nearly caused him to surrender.

He thrust with all his might. This was the ultimate **.

As his gushing ** released, he tightly held her against him.

The night was dark and deep, and the moon had shyly shifted her eyes and ducked behind the clouds. His entanglement with her fell into the deepest part of the night.


Xuanyuan Min Zhi’s wish was finally fulfilled and he became Ruan Zhu’s number four.

Practically all of the officials in Jiang Cheng had moved their hands and the items they sent over were piled up in mountains, but it was all used to curry favor with the Emperor. Xuanyuan Min Zhi was a powerless prince and those with a brain would never send him presents. On the other hand, as His Fifth Highness Zong Zhi’s Princess of Qi, Ruan Zhu actually received a few.

After they had paid respects to the Heavens and the earth, paid respects to one’s parents, and the husband and wife had bowed to each other, they were sent into the bridal room.

Xuanyuan Min Zhi’s happiness couldn’t conceal his racing heartbeat. His long-awaited desire had finally come true at this moment and his face was all smiles. Using the baton to lift the woman’s veil, the female’s sparkling pure face entered the male’s eyes……He couldn’t help but to bend his head in wanting to place a kiss down.

Unexpectedly, the door opened and the matron of honor led a few people inside, bowing in greeting: “May the bride and bridegroom formally exchange the cups of wine.”

Xuanyuan Min Zhi had forgotten there was also this procedure. Taking the proffered wine cups, he linked arms with Ruan Zhu and they drank from their respective cups. He then waved his hand: “Quickly withdraw.” The Heavens knew how long he had been waiting for this day.

Yet the matron of honor didn’t budge and Ruan Zhu opened her mouth: “Go receive money from the steward of the Prince of Yong’s residence.” She inwardly shook her head–Xuanyuan Min Zhi, this unfavored Third Prince, was truly too pathetic; even these palace servants didn’t take him seriously.

Xuanyuan Min Zhi finally understood. If it was the normal him, he would long have aimed a kick over, but his mood was good today. Waiting until the matron of honor had led the people out and the room had quieted, he then removed Ruan Zhu’s phoenix crown and cape and was just about to throw off her inner clothes when a palace eunuch from outside the door shouted for him to please receive the guests.

Frost crept inside Xuanyuan Min Zhi’s eyes as he continued to sit there, motionless.

Ruan Zhu pushed him and urged: “All men have to do this. Don’t throw your face away and quickly go; I’ll wait for you to return.”

“Truly out of luck.”

Xuanyuan Min Zhi could only stand up and helplessly made his way out of the bridal room.

Ruan Zhu reclined on the soft bed, extremely pleased. In order to let Yun Shi Wei head happily to the battlefield, she had been in a half-dead state these past few days, so how could she be in a good mood to participate in bridal room matters? In other words, sleeping without a man was truly a blessed thing.

Ruan Zhu smiled and quickly entered the land of dreams.

Xuanyuan Min Zhi walked towards the courtyard and arrived at the hall where the guests had previously gathered. The visitors inside were like clouds, creating a clamorous scene. The Emperor and major ministers were all present, and it could be said a ruler and his ministers were enjoying the event together.

Xuanyuan Zong Zhi saw his third brother enter and meaningfully glanced at all of his brothers. Receiving the signal, they all crowded around Xuanyuan Min Zhi to offer a toast. You toast one cup, I toast one cup–making it so that even though the bridegroom could hold his drink, he still became intoxicated from all the wine poured down his throat. When he was supported by the palace eunuchs back into the bridal room, he could no longer tell north from south.

He saw a beautiful woman sleeping on the bed and the corners of his mouth rose as he mischievously chuckled. Extending a hand, he held it against the soft cheek, his finger gently sliding across those red lips. Eyes darkening, he lowered his head and pressed a kiss down, kissing it again and again, when a spell of drowsiness attacked him and he fell to the side, falling asleep not a short while later.

On the morning of the next day, Xuanyuan Min Zhi woke up and looked around the cheerfully decorated bedroom. He patted the space next to him, yet there was no trace of the beautiful woman. Realizing he had missed out on the most important moment, his gut immediately twisted with regret.

He massaged his temples as the result of the hangover was a splitting headache. Freshening up underneath Xiao Li Zi’s care, he still didn’t have much energy until after having the morning tea.

“Where is the Princess?” Xuanyuan Min Zhi thought about last night in the bridal chamber and wanted to cough up blood.

“As soon as niangniang woke up this morning, she went to look for the Young Masters. She instructed us small ones to tell Prince after Prince has been properly tidied up to not forget to go together with niangniang to pay respects to the Emperor and Empress.” Xiao Li Zi respectfully responded while offering him the morning tea.

Ruan Zhu had woken up bright and early to clothe each of her children and make them presentable. This was something that she had to do every day and she often arranged the same thing for the wet nurses. After she had busily finished with the children, she returned to her own room. Nuan Chun had been with her for a long time and knew his master’s tastes, thus selected a relatively quiet outfit for her to change into that was also suitable for a new bride.

During her pregnancy, her husbands had been busy with work and even her baths had been under Nuan Chun’s administrations. As the days went by, nature inevitably took its course and the daily changing of clothes was also done by him. Every time, this was Nuan Chun’s most unbearable moment as he looked at the exquisite female figure before him with skin as white as snow. His heart thumped madly and he suppressed his body’s restlessness with all his might as he tidied up his master.

Having experienced the relationship between a man and a woman for a long time, how could Ruan Zhu not understand? But there was such a large disparity between their statuses and her several husbands would absolutely not agree to having Nuan Chun become a secondary husband. She hesitated for a moment: “Nuan Chun, you are no longer young, so shouldn’t you also have your own family now?”

Nuan Chun was currently tying her waist belt. Hearing her question, his eyes widened with shock: “Eldest Miss……”

Ruan Zhu spoke of her considerations: “Other men at your age are already fathers with several children. If you agree, I can arrange for you to become a principal husband for someone from a respectable family so that you can live a little more comfortably in the future.”

Nuan Chun remained silent as he finished tying his master’s belt and hung ornaments in it, all in a manner that was neither fast nor slow.

Ruan Zhu didn’t know the face that was lowered was deathly white. She thought people preferred to move up; what prospects could one have if one remained a servant for their entire life? But in reality, there were many people in this era that did not think this way.

After Nuan Chun had finished arranging his master’s clothing, he kneeled down in front of her and kowtowed: “If Eldest Miss dislikes this slave for being a bedwarmer, this slave does not have to be one and can simply be a small slave who brings over water and sweeps the floor. This slave is not picky.”

Ruan Zhu was surprised: “When did I say for you to stop being my bedwarmer?”

Nuan Chun’s eyes were moist: “Is not Eldest Miss telling this slave to go because Miss dislikes this slave for being a hindrance?”

Ruan Zhu frantically said: “Hai, you thought wrong. I was doing this for your happiness. I was thinking you also deserved to enjoy familial love and the right to have children at your knee.”

“This slave only wishes to be by Eldest Miss’s side for an entire lifetime.” Nuan Chun turned red in the face and only managed to squeeze out a few words after a good while: “To this slave, Eldest Miss is this slave’s entire happiness.”

Ruan Zhu thought of Nuan Qing’s death and she suddenly softened. Afraid he would be as rigid as a bull’s horns, she comforted him: “I’m used to having you by my side attending to me so if you were to leave, I would be rather reluctant.”

Nuan Chin’s mood immediately improved and his face opened with a smile: “This slave has heard Yun Shan mention that in the family of Eldest Miss’s husband, Lou Yun and Cai Yue of the Yun manor would rather be a bedwarmer for a lifetime than to leave. This slave’s will is like theirs.”

The matron of the Yun manor was Ruan Zhi Xu’s biological younger sister and was also Ruan Zhu’s biological paternal aunt. That time when her aunt had married and led Lou Yun and Cai Yue out of her maternal home, Nuan Chun hadn’t yet been born.

When she had gone to the Yun manor to visit them, she also did not bring along Nuan Chun so with matters pertaining to Lou Yun and Cai Yue, Nuan Chun had heard about it from Yun Shan.

Ruan Zhu remembered those two bedwarmers. They had attended to her mother-in-law since small and shared deep emotions. In order to make it up to them, her mother-in-law would tangle with them in bed a quite a few times per month. Bedwarmers were supposed to be tools to warm up their master’s bed with, so her actions were understandable. But since Ruan Zhu could not give Nuan Chun a status, she couldn’t do that sort of thing.

While she was currently thinking about these worries, her three husbands pushed open the door and entered.

Xuanyuan Zong Zhi smiled as he slid a phoenix hairpin with a pendant hanging from its beak into his wife’s hair: “Last night in the bridal room was fine, right?” The corner of his mouth raised in a wicked smile. Yesterday, he had colluded with all of his brothers to dump Third Brother full of wine, and it would’ve been a wonder if the latter had the energy and mind to perform the bedroom activities with their wife.

Min Zhi was currently unspeakably depressed because of that matter. Eyes burning with righteous indignance, he pushed Zong Zhi aside and hugged Ruan Zhu, saying: “Let me get some justice first.” He then planted a kiss down on her red lips.

Under his kiss, breathing became difficult for Ruan Zhu and she was finally able to escape the clutches of the villain with Zong Zhi’s help. Looking in the mirror–oh no, her makeup……she could only sit back down and reapply it.

After that was finished, she followed behind her two husbands in heading towards the Emperor’s palace.

Although Yun Shi Wei was her second concubine, he could not follow as he had not received a decree to do so and was ordered to take care of the children by her.

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