CCCL – Chapter 106

☆ Chapter 106


儿 | er | (lit. child) diminutive marker used as a form of endearment

He loved his wife, loved her so crazily much. Using all of the passion in his heart, he kissed her chest and sucked in the honey inside her, resembling a just-born infant who clung to their benevolent mother with piety and worship.

After a very long time, he lifted his head and carefully placed her down……Pushing apart her two legs, he continued to kiss her, demanding for that sweet liquid inside her body.

“Nn……” Moans slipped from her mouth as the wet and warm sensation stimulated her nerves. Her sensitive little bead was being sucked by the man who then slightly nibbled. She gasped for air, eyes completely misted over……Her back unconsciously arched and her hands grabbed his head to push him even deeper into her crotch……

When two rough fingers entered inside her, her entire body trembled from the sensation and softened……She twisted and turned from both the suffering and the pleasure.

She raised her head and the breeze blew a pink lotus before her eyes. The blossom flew upward like a dancing skirt with such a fresh and beautiful color!

She reached out to hold the entire blossom and couldn’t help but to bite down on a petal. The flower’s nectar was very sweet……At this moment, the movements of the fingers inside her became fiercer and the little bead was ruthlessly sucked. It was a torment that was incredibly hard to withstand and she was unable to resist sobbing tears out of being touched, out of delight, out of infinite joy.

“Ahh!……” A never-ending emotion swept her entire body. She loudly screamed as her two hands indiscriminately moved. The delicate and pink lotus fell onto her chest while its nectar soaked its petals and her snowy skin.

She laid motionless as if all of her strength had left but the teasing happening to her lower half had yet to stop. He continued to explore her depths–occasionally poking at her walls–provoking a current to run through her. The feeling of floating high among the clouds hadn’t yet dissipated and an additional current of excitement rushed through her, culminating in another wave of fantastical pleasure.

But this time wasn’t actually his finger and also wasn’t his lips. This time, the man and woman were truly connected and it became something that married couples often did in places without others out of love and passion for each other. His manhood substituted for his digit and entered her body while she opened her legs the widest they’d go and raised her butt extremely high to allow him to enter.

His physique was astonishing and his energy seemed inexhaustible.

Other men would become tired after doing it a few times and would then stop to rest, but the more he did it, the more energized and interested he would become. He was the largest among her six husbands and she was also very small, which caused her to always reach the pinnacle of craziness every time they did it. They had been together for over two years now, but to date, she still couldn’t fully adapt to him.

“Min Zhi, you can’t, it’s at the end. Don’t push anymore, it’ll hurt……” She begged, asking for him to indulge her.

“Zhu’er, Wife, do you like this? I want you to sink into pleasure underneath me just like this–live and die for me. Your appearance right now is truly breathtaking; I like the way you look when you go crazy because of me.”

Min Zhi spoke as he pounded her, lowering his head to look at the delicate and pink, small entrance that was being propped to its widest point because of his member, allowing it to move in and out……His vision blurred in a flash. Propping his wife’s snowy butt with his hands, he fiercely thrust, demanding a husband’s right.

It’s unknown when the setting sun descended into rest and the bright moonlight spread out like silver muslin. The night was extremely quiet with only the cries of the man and woman among the lotuses that excited one’s flesh.

The feeling of doing it outside usually invited extreme stimulation and extreme vice. The husband and wife tossed and turned through numerous positions, climbing to the highest peaks over and over again.

Normally, he could still moderate himself, but it was a breathtaking night with such a charming landscape around them–the jade mirror was like a natural mirror, the lotus leaves danced in the wind, and the lotus blossoms emitted an intoxicating fragrance.

The woman underneath him was also that sort of beauty. He had become entirely captivated and only wanted to free himself as much as he wanted and possess all of her, maintaining this intimate position with her for all eternity.

On the final time, Ruan Zhu kneeled on the boat, allowing him to enter her from behind……She already didn’t have the least bit of strength and supported herself against the planks. Her tiny hole took in her husband’s enormous member, pandering to him with difficulty.

His hands grabbed her buttocks and repeatedly smacked against it with the rhythm of his movements. He then pressed her closer, his spirited bulk at times pounding deep inside her and at times shallow. The small boat filled with the echoes of her moans, his delighted shouts, and the pa pa of his thrusts.

The water was still with the occasional alarmed dragonfly passing by.

Who knew how long had passed when he finally shook and gripped her waist, releasing the scalding liquid inside her before collapsing onto her shoulder and gasping for air with a happy expression on his face……She was already so tired her entire body felt soft and sore, and she laid sprawled there, unable to move.

Min Zhi had finished multiple times and finally achieved satisfaction. Tidying up his wife, he properly dressed the two of them and princess carried her back to Yi Zhu Cottage.

The other three men were all waiting in the bedroom. Jing Yan’s expression was particularly ugly and he snatched their wife from Min Zhi’s arms to set her down on the large and soft bed.

When she realized it was her bed, it was like she had discovered her beloved nest and sighed contently as she nestled atop the warm brocade.

Zong Zhi stepped towards the bed. Taking in his wife’s weak state, distress flowed from his eyes. Every time they made love, he was always worried she wouldn’t be able to take it and never had the heart to do anything too demanding.

He took off wife’s clothes to examine her yet saw the tender skin was covered with purple hickeys starting from her neck and trailing all the way down to her feet. It was a ghastly sight. Her flower petals were also somewhat inflamed and a white liquid still spilled out. He accepted the towel that Nuan Chun offered him and wiped her clean, then took the ning xiang lu from Jing Yan’s hands. Dabbing a bit of the ointment, he brushed it against her skin and inside her.

The scorching pain inside her and on her body was extinguished by a slight chill–much better! She pushed open her eyes and gave them a laugh: “Don’t worry, I’m much better now.” Min Zhi had been even more wild the first time they did it so this kind of situation had happened before. She really didn’t know where he got the energy from.

“Don’t try to be brave. Properly rest.” Jing Yan covered his wife with the brocade quilt.

“Jing Yan, you take care of Zhu’er. We will rest in our rooms. Min Zhi, let us have a chat.”

Zong Zhi grabbed his own brother’s arm and headed outside……On Min Zhi’s face was a content smile and he turned back at the entrance to call towards his wife: “Zhu’er, rest well. I’ll come see you tomorrow.”

Zong Zhi became annoyed and added strength to his pull, flinging his brother out of Yi Zhu Cottage.

“Eldest Miss, do you wish to bathe? I can go prepare bath water?”

“No need, you may leave. I will look after Zhu’er.” Jing Yan spoke on behalf of his wife and drove the other out. After tonight, his wife would become Nuan Chun’s but of all people, that man hung around and refused to leave. He couldn’t help but become gloomy because of that.

“Yes, this slave will do as ordered.” Nuan Chun’s eyes lingered on his mistress and he very reluctantly left.

Jing Yan got into bed and gave his wife a full-body massage. Faint inner strength emanated from his fingertips onto her acupuncture points. The warmth followed her blood vessels through her entire body, forcing her stagnated blood to move through the blockage.

He was very skilled in massages and accurate in finding the acupuncture spots. Her blood quickly became unclogged and her body relaxed considerably.

“Jing Yan, you can request it once. It’s not a bother to me.” She smiled at him as she said this, her right hand stretching towards the crotch of his trousers……Yet he pushed it away: “Zhu’er, you should properly sleep. I won’t touch you.” He laid down next to her and lovingly enclosed his slender arms around her, soothingly caressing her back.

She was grateful for his consideration and leaned against his chest. Extending her hand into his trousers, she gripped the source of his heat, slowly stroking back and forth……She sensed a coolness from his body which was the remnants of the bath he had just taken.

Positioning herself to kneel before his crotch, she tore off his trousers and lowered her head, opening up her small and red mouth……

His entire body ignited and he gasped with the suddenness. Unable to resist, his hands clutched the two plump mounds on her chest that steadily shook. It didn’t take long for all the passion in his limbs and bones to stir like a turbulent flood that found release.

Wang Jing Yan panted for air. That was one kind of extreme emotion–so delightful. He was unable to deal with anything else and wildly roared “Ahh ahh……”

Tired, Ruan Zhu flopped on top of him. The man’s tanned skin was incomparably sturdy and she rested her head on top of it, her hands lightly gliding against his chest back and forth, pinching and pulling at the two red beans……His eyes ignited again but he pushed aside her restless hands: “Be good, go to sleep. You need to rest.”

Her husbands were actually all afraid she would over-exert herself so had set up a schedule where she would have three days of vacation every ten days. But as she could never fully satisfy their carnal desires, she usually used other methods to satiate them.

Ruan Zhu snuggled in his wide embrace. Yawning, she sleepily murmured: “Jing Yan, I’ve decided to give you one of my three vacation days.”

The truth was, she forgot her words upon waking the next morning.

Being easy-going and considerate, Jing Yan was unwilling to deprive his wife of her vacation so the matter passed like that. But Min Zhi’s crime needed punishment and after a unanimous vote by the other husbands, they sentenced Min Zhi to a month of abstinence.

Min Zhi complained endlessly and completely regretted seeking momentary pleasure which caused him to be unable to share a bed with his wife for an entire month. He was so regretful his intestines turned black.


“Hurry up and go outside the manor for a look! Didn’t you say my father would be able to return by this morning? The entire day’s gone by without a hint of his shadow and the boatmen and his retinue have all returned so where’s my Pa?! Xiao Wu, Xiao Liu, what’s the matter with the both of you? Useless things, how could you not even know your Master has gone missing?!”

A scowl was on Ruan Zhu’s face as she harshly berated two servants kneeling before her.

She had headed to the harbor at daybreak to greet her father as soon as she had heard news of his return.

A considerable amount of large ships that had traversed the distant seas had been docked in the pier with people busily unloading the cargo. Over ten thousand Arabic horses had been lead down from the vessels and then sent into the city, but there had been no sign of Ruan Zi Xu even after the ships had all been emptied.

The servants that had followed along had been questioned and all said they didn’t know. Xiao Wu and Xiao Liu had claimed everything was fine last night but Master had disappeared by the time they woke up this morning.

How was it possible the Master of the ship had disappeared in plain sight?

“Idiots, idiots, neither of you should think of living well if something were to happen to my father. I’ll tie you both up and sell you to a slave trader from Tu Bo to be slaves there.” Ruan Yu was three months pregnant and had been resting in her own courtyard, but upon hearing that her father was missing, she had rushed towards the main hall with her secondary husband Qi Shao Hua.

“Eldest Miss, Second Miss, this small one also does not know what happened?” Xiao Wu had knelt on the ground for so long his legs had become numb, but he did not dare to move in the slightest: “This servant truly only headed back to this servant’s cabin after seeing that Master had fallen asleep last night, but saw no trace of a person inside his room this morning.”

“Master does not seem to have been murdered. The items in the cabin are tidy, the furniture look to not have been touched at all, and there is also not a drop of blood. The door and windows are intact, and this small one suspects Master had some business to conduct and stealthily disembarked in the middle of the night.” Xiao Liu voiced his analysis.

“Don’t tell me my father was kidnapped by bandits?” Ruan Yu was completely bewildered and her nervous face paled.

Qi Shao Hua drew his wife over to calm her: “That won’t happen. Yu’er, there is no one who has the courage to abduct esteemed Father-in-law and he may return in a little while. Don’t worry Yu’er. Your health is important so quickly return to your courtyard with me.” The child in her belly was his. He was particularly excited and moved because it was his first time being a father so would run over whenever he was free to look after his wife.

“That’s right. Yu’er, you should return! Older Sister will send someone over to you when news come. Shao Hua, escort her back to her room.”

But Ruan Yu refused to move and hugged her sister, crying: “The two people I am closest to in this life is Papa and you, but what has happened to him? He left for so many years yet has disappeared upon his return home.”

“Perhaps because Papa has just returned, he is in high spirits and went to find some old friends.” Ruan Zhu was afraid this would impact her sister’s unborn child and gave Qi Shao Hua a meaningful glance.

After receiving her signal, Qi Shao Hua picked his wife up in a princess carry and left the main hall to return to their courtyard.

Ruan Zhu felt a little comforted after seeing there were good feelings between them. Her younger sister’s crush towards Shen Zhong Yun had finally faded and she was now wholeheartedly focusing on being a good wife and future mother.

Nuan Chun carried over a food box and arranged the dishes on the table: “Eldest Miss, please eat something first as this one did not see you breaking your fast this morning. If you do not eat now, your health will be in danger.”

“Ai, boy, you are really long-winded.” Grumbling at Nuan Chun, Ruan Zhu then faced Xiao Wu and Xiao Liu: “Both of you may rise. Go bathe, change, and then head to the kitchen for a meal. Why don’t you go take care of that, Xing Yun. Liu Shui, instruct the kitchen’s Auntie Li to prepare some good dishes.”

Ruan Zi Xu had brought quite a few people with him on his return but they had all been shown towards the Ruan residence by Master and Madam Yun. Xiao Wu and Xiao Liu had been detained by the two sisters for questioning.

Xing Yun and Liu Shui responded in agreement and led Xiao Wu and Xiao Liu out.

Not long after, a servant came in to report Madam Yun had arrived at Guan Ju Villa.

Ruan Zhu had just sat down and eaten a few bites of rice. Upon hearing the news, she put down her chopsticks and pinched the edge of her skirt to go out and greet her guest. She currently had a noble identity and normally would not have to do this, but not only was Madam Yun her biological aunt, she was also Yun Shi Yi’s mother.

She loved Yun Shi Yi and also respected his family members.

“Zhu’er greets Mother.”

When Ruan Zhu arrived at the reception pavilion, Madam Yun had also just so happened to enter. She bent her waist in greeting and Madam Yun hurried to help up her daughter-in-law: “This child. I have already said so many times there is no need for such courtesy. Why do you not listen?”

“You are my paternal aunt and furthermore, also my mother-in-law. On this earth, which daughter-in-law does not pay respects to her mother-in-law?” Ruan Zhu smiled as she invited the other to the drawing room and presented her with a cup of tea.

Her actions truly moved Madam Yun, who spoke as she sipped from her cup: “You are a good child. Ai, Zhu’er, people are so good at angering others to death. Your third brother Wu Bin–which is our family’s third–ai, that child’s eye is set high. He was sent to Wang Yue Teahouse several years ago to act as manager and became acquainted with a wealthy miss not long after. The two gradually became close and later they discussed marriage with him marrying into her clan and even changing his clan name. Because of this matter, your Second Father Wu went ballistic. They say that raising a son is to carry on one’s ancestral line but now that he is entering another clan’s ancestry ledger, this son of mine can be regarded as having been raised in vain.”

Madam Yun wasn’t very old–at most forty–but the problem of the majority of women was that they loved to gossip. She would bring up meaningless chatter to thoroughly blather about while sighing with emotion. Each time Ruan Zhu met with her, her ears were bound to suffer.

She naturally knew of Wu Bin. The first time she visited the Yun manor to visit her in-laws, Wu Bin had set himself against Yun Shi Yi and made his hostilities known, both implicitly and explicitly. She had a very bad impression of the man but actually felt no worry from him leaving the Yun clan. At the very least, in regards to Zhi Xi who was set to inherit the Yun clan’s line of businesses, she was very satisfied with the loss of this snobbish and sly man who would otherwise have lingered around her son.

“Zhu’er, you do not know this but I had two boys with your Second Father Wu. The younger one fell into a lake on the west of the manor and drowned at four years old. I had counted on Wu Bin to continue the Wu clan’s lineage, the heartless creature.”

“Mother, Wu Bin isn’t thoughtful so you should allow him to leave. In any case, he is no longer part of our Yun clan so don’t fret yourself with what and who he loves. At the end, it is Mother and Second Father Wu who are upset and that isn’t worth it. If Second Father Wu is worried about not having anyone to continue his family line, he can adopt someone from the Wu clan.”

“We can only do this.” Madam Yun closed the conversation and looked side to side: “Right, where is Zhi Xi?”

“Zong Zhi and Min Zhi took him to the imperial palace, saying they would enter the palace to ask about news regarding Father.” Ruan Zhu thought it was very strange. Ruan Zi Xu had disappeared on a ship so why did they need to enter the palace to ask the emperor? Was it possible Ruan Zi Xu had gone to find the emperor in the middle of the night to chat about family and daily life?

Why had the situation become so weird?

“Is there still no news of your father?” Madam Yun became anxious. Ruan Zi Xu was her biological brother and the two siblings had always gotten along well. Her heart had become a mess after hearing her older brother was missing.

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